WPC – Achievment

This weeks photo challenge is about achievement.

This week, show us a photo that says “achievement” to you: people meeting a long-worked-for goal. Something tangible you’ve created. A view from a journey you’ve completed, or the stating point of a journey not yet made or a project you hope to finish. We look forward to being inspired!

In june I did the Inka-Trail. And since I am not a very sporty person, having done this is a big achievement for me. Therefore, I decided to show you some pictures from me on the trail.

WPC Signs – Around the World

This weeks WPC is about Signs:

For this challenge, share an image of a sign: it can be a sign near your home — a comforting sight after a long journey — a sign that doubles as art, or other types of signs that hold meaning for you.

I decided to show you some signs I have seen on my journeys. Signs around the world.

To see a larger version of the pictures, click on them.

WPC: Endurance

This weeks WPC is about Endurance.

Endurance for me is everything from home. This might be because I live in another country. But here is, what endurance means for me (too see the pictures in large, click on them).

WPC: A little piece of childhood


My pictures for this weeks WPC.

English text below.

So, heute mal nur ganz billig, ein Handy-Foto. Dafür habe ich mir lange darüber Gedanken gemacht, was auf das Bild soll. Und da ist mir mein geliebtes Kinderbuch mit Drehbildern eingefallen. Das Buch habe ich von der besten  Freundin meiner Mama als Kind zu Geburtstag gekriegt. Seitdem hat es zwei Umzüge mit der Familie überstanden, und durfte dann mit mir mit nach Zürich. Auch da hat es mehrere Umzüge überstanden, und hat dann letztes Jahr sogar den langen Weg nach Österreich geschafft.

Was soll ich sagen: Ich liebe dieses Buch!!! Und ich schaue auch heute immer noch regelmässig rein.


English Text:

Today I just uploaded a picture made with my IPhone. But, I spent a lot of thought about what should be on this picture. And then I remembered this book from my childhood. When I was a child, I got this book as a birthday present from my Mom’s best friend. And since then, it is always with me. The book survived two movements with my family. Then I brought the book with me to Zurich, where I studied, and where it also had to survive some movements to new places. Finally, last year, I took the book with me to my new home – Austria.

Well. I just love this book. And believe it or not, I still regularly take it out of the shelf and have a look into it.